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  Chris Bayard has produced everything from the Midwest Emmys to promos for Miss Universe for CBS. He carries a shooter’s background into every project, but he’s also written and directed an award-winning PBS documentary, and produced training videos which have won his clients "Best In Class" national recognition. His wife Kate and he are currently employed as the personal servants of a little boy named Sam, who is awfully cute, and gets away with things he shouldn’t.

Harvind Kaur brings a wealth of experience working as a producer for PBS of an Emmy-nominated weekly show called "Educate!" Trained in journalism and philosophy, she brings a unique perspective and intelligence to every project. She is currently working on two independent documentaries on religion in India and the contributions of the Sikh heritage, when she’s not busy with community service projects in Pan jab, one of India’s northernmost states. She has absolutely no free time, and quite enjoys this.



Harvind Kaur has scribbled her way through a degree from the internationally renowned journalism program at the University of Missouri-Columbia and two Masters Degrees from the University of Chicago, one in Liberal Arts, and one in Divinity, with a concentration in the history of religions. She’s written scripts for Emmy-nominated PBS educational programming, and currently teaches Religion and Humanities courses here and abroad. She is currently writing a collection of essays based on her experiences in as a teacher and media workshop coordinator in northern India. You know when they say, "If you want something done, give it to a busy person" ? They were talking about Harvind.


  Rob Robinson has been writing scripts and copy for 20 years in Pasadena, California, and brought his talents to sunny Chicago in the winter of 2002. He’s written scripts for clients like BlueCross BlueShield and CaremarkRX, as well as several feature-length screenplays and even questions for a game show. He has a great ear for dialogue, and a knack for explaining often complex topics in clear, convincing language. Rob is one of those strange people who also loves research – meticulous, voluminous research -- and it shows in how quickly and comprehensively he comes up to speed on any subject matter.



  Jason Lamkey directed his first feature film in 2002,"Town Diary", which debuted at numerous festivals across the country. Equally at home and in the corporate world, he’s skilled in choosing and directing actors to handle often difficult material with clarity and humor. And his background as a Director of Photography gives him the skill set to communicate with any crew anywhere. Whether or not they listen is another matter.

  Tim Marquardt never talks down to kids – that’s why he’s gets great performances from kids of all ages. An acting background – he played a ruthless killer on "America’s Most Wanted" – gives him great perspective on getting the best performance from adults as well. He’s spent 17 years creating films and videos for local schools and global corporations. The David Lean of corporate programming, minus the camels, and Omar Sharif.



  Chris Bayard has shot presidents and pop stars – filmed them, that is. He’s been shooting since 1987 for a host of broadcast networks and traveled widely for numerous clients. Great lighting and composition, and knowing how to shoot for an edit, put him on the A-list of national booking agents. Oh, and Jeremy Piven threw him off the set of "Cupid".

  Jason Lamkey knows his way around cameras. At home in BetaSP or DV, he brings a wealth of experience to every shoot. In studio or run-and-gunning on location, his shot selection and framing stand out. His handheld shots look like they were on a tripod, his b-roll looks like a-roll, his condo looks like it’s seen better days.



  Karla Svatos has cut feature films and "Dateline" episodes, hour-long docs and 30-second graphics-intensive prime-time political spots. A talented musician, she combines music and images in powerful ways, but never loses the rhythm of the story. She has a disturbing fascination with antique swords, and is one of only seven people in the world who liked all the Star Wars prequels.

  Tim Marquardt loves Final Cut Pro. Probably a little too much. A real perfectionist, he’s become the go-to editor for Palm and Navistar, because he delivers the kind of visual punch and creative story-telling they couldn’t find elsewhere. His signature work runs the gamut from dozens of nationally acclaimed educational videos to trendy television programs for the BBC, and is distinguished by its energy and palpable optimism, which he gets from being a lifelong Cubs fan.


New Media Designers

  Eric Schuurman creates original DVDs, CD-ROMs, websites, databases and print packages with clean, elegant graphics. Creative, and flexible, Eric brings a wealth of experience to clients like Accenture, Caremark and The Chicago Shakespeare Theater. He has two wonderful, active kids and a lovely wife. His hobbies include contemplating sleep depravation and speaking in tongues.


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